recycle center news

February 26, 2012

One of the least used services offered by the Village is the Recycle Center. Taxpayers of the Village may not even be aware of the Recycle Center's availability.

Rodney Senzig has been operating and working at improving the Recycle Center. Currently, the Recycle Center is open Saturdays from 9am to 1 pm.

Recyclables, such as plastics, aluminum, and paper, etc. cost nothing to get rid of. Garbage costs $1.25 per bag (Bags with the Lyndon Station logo are for sale at the Recycle Center). This is a bargain and only costs a little time to make a trip to the Center.

There are plans to make some Recycle Center improvements soon; upgrading the entrance area with a new gate and fencing, new signs and improving the overall general appearance.

The Village is leading by example in implementing a recycle program for all its properties.
What this means is that any garbage collected will need to be sorted and taken to the Recycle Center. This has been discussed with the Village Hall, Fire Department and Utilities department heads. If more taxpayers begin utilizing this service, additional operating hours would be added.